jeudi 10 mars 2016

RT LC - Accessoire - feux stop arrière visible

Pas trop cher est plus mieux bien pour la sécurité.

This product is specifically designed to interface with all the new and old BMW motorcycles where a 2 or 3 wire CANBus system are present. Ported from our best selling product the SB2 platform offers more options in terms of hardware and software then the older SB1. 100% CANBus compatible!

In order to keep the product a true plug-and-play, we had to craft a custom connector for some models. Hence the price increase over the other SB2 and/or model specific/complexity. Germans have never been known to make their designs simple :p

It's a proven fact that motorcycles can decelerate more rapidly than most cars and trucks. The combination of a motorcycle's narrow profile and the brisk change in velocity during braking is the most common cause of rear end accidents involving motorcycles, and often the results are fatal to the rider. Vizible Technologies' SupaBrake modulators are designed to enhance the reaction time of the vehicle behind you. It is designed to pulsate your vehicle's brake light(s) with a variable number of flashes calculated by its embedded algorithm. The algorithm is based on the rate at which you apply your brakes. As a result, the brake light(s) are flashed in a more subtle manner at lower speeds(when brakes are frequently used), and more aggressively at higher speeds(when brakes are not used for longer time intervals). Whereas other simpler products on the market that continuously "blink" their brake light(s) with an annoying repeating sequence - each and every time their brakes are applied! Our Supabrake product pulses in driving conditions when you need to get the immediate attention of drivers without annoying them.

Upon applying the brakes, the SupaBrake sends a burst of pulses to your motorcycle's brake light(s). The duration of the burst is a function of the time elapsed between the current brake cycle and the previous. After the burst, the unit allows the rear brake light to function normally(solid brake light). This algorithm is designed to eliminate target fixation as found in cheaper, passive versions that continuously "blink" the brake light(s) even though the vehicle is at a complete stop.

Example at low speed
When the frequency at which the driver/rider applies the brakes increases, (i.e. during low speeds such as city driving), the shorter the burst of flashes to the rear brake(s) light will be. If the brakes are applied within 0 - 12 seconds, the brake light will NOT flash - thus allowing it to function normally (solid brake light). This condition is most valuable during heavy stop-and-go traffic so as not to annoy the person or police in the vehicle behind you.

Example at cruising speed
When the frequency at which the driver/rider applies the brakes decreases, (i.e. at cruising speed), the longer the burst to the rear brake light will be. This condition is most valuable during quick sudden decelerations at speeds which require quick reaction to changes in traffic conditions or other driver's intentions. It has been scientifically proven that a quick flashing of a vehicle's brakes will alert the driver behind much sooner ... and the SupaBrake Flasher does this for you.


User profile select
Preloaded with 10 field selectable/programmable profiles*. Option to upload a fully customizable "11th profile" available.
Input de-bounce
This feature allows the user to quickly “tap” the brake lever or pedal without the algorithm inducing its flash routine or resetting. In an event of a "tap", the brake light will function normally and will appear as an ordinary tap of the brakes. Another aspect to this feature is that it allows the user to initiate a quick speed check on the rear brakes before a full application of the front brakes. In this case the algorithm will trigger a burst after full brake application.
Force-Flash retriggering
This technology, unique to Vizible Technologies, allows the rider to manually induce a flash routine after the initial application of the brakes. This is useful when stopped alone at a red light or in traffic to alert vehicles approaching from behind. Example: Press and hold the brakes for >3seconds. Quickly release and reapply the brakes within half second. The unit will output a burst of flashes.
Decaying flash routine
Each pulse period is gradually increased from the previous pulse. This gives the given burst cycle a "de-acceleration" illusion when viewed from behind at speed. In other words, the routine will start with a faster frequency and end with a slower frequency.
Defeat Mode
This feature allows the rider to quickly bypass all the functions of the SupaBrake without having to physically remove the unit from the motorcycle. If need be, the functionality of your brake light can easily revert to stock condition.
Simple Plug & Ride Installation
Bypass Mode
Allows the user to bypass all the features of the SupaBrake without having to phyically remove the unit from the motorcycle..
Simple Plug & Ride Installation
Miniature size
Works with all OEM light devices (incandescent, LED or halogen)
Algorithm with custom flash routine programming available
Ships within 12-48hrs
10 year limited warranty
Legal in all 50 States. (The running light never modulates. Only the brake light)
High temperature tolerance
Vibration and shock tested
All weather proof (IEC 529 IP 6.7 standards)
Surface mount electronics
Powerful micro-controller with "watch-dog" technology
MOSFET driven
Opto-Isolated from vehicle's electrical systems
High load current
Low supply(Quiescent) current
OEM connectors
De-bounce feature
Ability to tap brakes without resetting the algorithm
Variable number of flashing output based on a 100% programmable algorithm
Grace period between brake applications
The flasher won't activate if brakes are applied again within a certain period of time
Force-Flash retrigger
Ability to induce a burst of flashes while stopped at a stop light if another vehicle approaches from behind
Decaying flash routine

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